Our Team

January 2018

Leadership Team 

  • Head Teacher: Mr Neil Davies.
  • Associate Head:  Miss Samantha Morrissy
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Nicola Down
  • Assistant Head: Mrs Nicola York
  • Inclusion Lead: Mrs Caroline Kelly
  • Early Years Phase Leader: Mrs Clare Stacey
  • Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: Mr James Rawson
  • Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mrs Tensa Campbell
  • Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Miss Maria Mulhern


Teaching Staff

Nursery – Mrs Clare Stacey – EYs Phase Lead


Caterpillars – Miss Remy Eastwood

Ladybirds – Mrs Kerry Orr

Year 1

Hedgehogs – Miss Kat Allen

Rabbits – Miss Emma Crinnion

Squirrels – Mr James Rawson KS1 Phase Lead

Year 2

Dragonflies – Mrs Emma Poffley

Frogs – Miss Kirsty Martin

Kingfishers – Miss Emma Lewis

Year 3

Robins – Mrs Mel Poxon

Wrens – Miss Amy Jones

Swifts – Mrs Tensa Campbell- LKS2 Phase Lead

Year 4

Badgers – Mrs Rebecca Graham

Hares – Mrs Terry-Lee Oliver

Otters –  Miss Stephanie Barnwell

Year 5

Owls– Mrs Rhian Andrews

Kites –  Mrs Jane Waters

Kestrels – Miss Megan Kelly

Eagles – Mrs Victoria Ranft

Year 6

Turtles – Miss Kendal Miles

Penguins – Mrs Katie Wade

Dolphins- Miss Maria Mulhern- UKS2 Phase Lead

Specialist Teacher

MFL- German- Mrs Emily Marshall

On Maternity Leave

Mrs Veronika Baulikoniene


Mrs Lorraine Clark

Mrs Lisa Kelley

Mrs Kerry Orr

Teaching Assistants 

Early Years Team:

Nursery Team:

Ms Yvonne Dulieu

Ms Jill Peglar

Reception Team:

Miss Megan Cheeseman

Mrs Sian Jones

KS1 Team:

Year 1 Team:

Mrs Claire Cahill

Ms Denise Cummins

Mrs Nicky Rule-Barnard

Year 2 Team:

Mrs Stacey Gray

Mrs Amanda Prichard

Mrs Diane Woods

Lower KS2 (Year 3 and Year 4) Team: 

Opt in to Learning: Mrs Sam Madigan

Opt in to Learning: Mrs Sue Westwood

Closing the Gap: Mrs Mel Poxon

Closing the Gap: Miss Jane Philcox

Closing the Gap Pupil Premium: Mrs Emma Lovell

Upper KS2 (Year 5 and Year 6) Team:

Opt in to Learning: Mrs Theresa Beasley

Opt in to Learning: Mrs Sam Madigan

Closing the Gap: Ms Alison Goddard

Closing the Gap: Mrs Claudia Parnham

Closing the Gap Pupil Premium: Mrs Helen Spencer

Class Support: Ms Laura Knightley

Support for children with EHCPs:

Miss Tanya Barron

Mrs Bev McQuitty

Mrs Karen Thomas

Mrs Vickie Thompson

Mrs Ellie Buscliglio

LINC: Learning Inclusion Nurture Centre

Mrs Caroline Kelly- Inclusion Lead

Mrs Theresa Beasley- OiL Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sam Madigan- OiL Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

  • Family Support Partner: Mrs Sue Wardle 
  • Assistant Business Manager: Mrs Denise Griffiths
  • Receptionist: Mrs Nicola Pheasey
  • Receptionist: Mrs Hannah Taylor
  • Attendance Officer: Mrs Lesley Wilson
  • Administrator: Mrs Donna Day
  • Site Manager: Mr Simon Way
  • Maintenance and Security Operative: Ms Mandy Prince
  • Clerk to Governors: Mr Alan Shackel

Lunchtime Controllers

Ms Mandy Prince

Mrs Chris Webb

Mr David Blackburne